RMLL 2015

The Libre Software Meeting (in French: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, or RMLL) are a series of friendly and non-commercial lectures, workshops, and round tables on Libre Software and its uses. These meetings take place yearly in July —each year guested by a new city— and have already hosted hundreds of lectures and seen thousands of participants (individuals or non-profit organizations).

This year’s Libre Software Meeting is be organized from 2015/07/04 to 2015/07/10, in Beauvais a french city nearby Paris in Picardy region. It will be guested by the Oisux Association, efficiently supported by the Free Software Community.
The Beauvais’ University office will receive the Free Software Village and Presentations and Talks Cycle.

Scheduled :

  • lectures by well-known Libre Software community figures and digital technology experts,
  • debates and lectures, transcribed and simultaneously translated in various languages,
  • testimonies on major migrations to Libre and Open Source Software , from Munich (Germany), Valence (Spain), Argentina and more,
  • specialized lecturers in the following fields : business & community, society, security, software development, infrastructure, art & culture, health, education, open data, do-it-yourself and open hardware,
  • activities and interactive workshops organized by members of Libre Software actors,
  • festive events such as the traditional Repas du Libre (Freedom Lunch), discovery tours of the Picardie region, some Free-access Culture shows and Nocturnes with the Free-access Digital Arts Festival.

Contact : contact@listes2015.rmll.info


Les RMLL en 2016 ( À propos des RMLL )

L’appel à candidatures pour l’organisation des Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre en 2016 n’ayant pas donné de résultat, il n’y aura pas d’édition complète des RMLL en juillet (...)

Mise en ligne des enregistrements vidéo ( Schedule )

Pendant toute la semaine, vous avez pu suivre en direct les conférences, grace aux capatations effectuées par l’équipe d’Ubicast et des bénévoles qui les ont accompagné.
L’encodage (...)

Candidature pour les RMLL 2016 ( À propos des RMLL )

Aucun dossier de candidature n’ayant encore été présenté, il n’a pas été possible d’annoncer quelles association et ville accueilera les Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre en 2016. (...)

Streaming video ( Schedule )

Le streaming des videos commence live sur la web TV des RMLL !

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