Blindly setup GNU/Linux

Speaker(s) : Irina Lambla Jean-Philippe MENGUAL Samuel Thibault

  • Language : Français
  • Level : Confirmed
  • Nature : Workshop
  • Date : Monday 6 July 2015
  • Schedule : 16h20
  • Duration : 100 minutes
  • Place : 127
Threads : Accessibility

If you are weak sighted or blind and want to use GNU/Linux, come with your own computer and we will help you to install it.

If you only want to discover what GNU/Linux is, how to use it and what accessibility tools are supported, a computer will be available.

Feel free to ask questions.

Nowadays, the last version of the Debian distribution, named Jessy, provides a text-mode installation which can be used with a Refreshable Braille Display or with Speech Synthesis.

At now, the Mate Desktop seems to be the most accessible for visually impaired or blind users. Thus, we will suggest you to choose it at the "Selecting and Installing Software" stage.

If your eyesight’s problems are less important, GNOME seems a better choice because of it’s better quality Magnifying Glass tool.
A high-contrast theme is available too.

As soon as the initial setup finished, the system is ready to be used with the accessibility tools you choosed.

See you soon at the Install Party room!

The Setup Manual of the Debian GNU/Linux system is available at
5.2. Accessibilité

Irina Lambla , Samuel Thibault, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
Irina Lambla :
Irina discovered free software and programming during her studies. Later, she decided to get more interested in free software notably through the NVDA screen reader which made her abandon proprietary solutions, seen as too constraining. She then also discovered the April accessibility workgroup, in which she met active members. With them, she founded Liberté 0, an association dedicated to free software accessibility, in which she gets involved, among other things, as administrator of the wiki .

Samuel Thibault :
Samuel Thibault is a computer science assistant professor, he tinkers with Linux since 1998, started getting interested in accessibility since he met Sebastien Hinderer in 2001, and never stopped since. He also participates to the Debian and GNU/Hurd projects, as well as the project.

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL :
Linux user since year 2004, he is currently administrator of Liberté0 and of accelibreinfo. Since year 2008, he is part of many projects bound to accessibility of free software(a group in April, translations, QA of Libreoffice).