Reached milestones for liberating mobile devices on Replicant

Speaker(s) : Paul Kocialkowski

  • Language : Français
  • Level : Expert
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Tuesday 7 July 2015
  • Schedule : 11h20
  • Duration : 40 minutes
  • Place : 206

This talk will present Replicant as part of the initiative to liberate mobile devices. At first, the major issues linked to freedom on those devices will be mentioned, along with various considerations regarding security on those devices and the communications they carry out. Then, Replicant will be introduced as an answer to some of those concerns. The various milestones reached by the project along the years, as well as a summary of all the work that was accomplished to support various devices will be presented, with a particular emphasis on writing free software replacements for proprietary software. Various challenging examples will also be highlighted. The current state of the project, as well as recent development will then be presented. Finally, this talk will mention how the currently-supported devices are fatally flawed when it comes to software freedom and what consequences it draws regarding the current and future orientation and development of Replicant.

Paul Kocialkowski
Paul Kocialkowski started using free software in 2008 and soon gained interest in software freedom, with a particular emphasis on running fully free systems. After an unfortunate soldering accident on his Openmoko FreeRunner board, he decided to try out Replicant, the fully free Android version. Starting as a user of the system, he gradually became the main developer of the project and has been holding that position for more than two years now. He is also in charge of maintaining the single board computers and plug computers comparisons from the software freedom perspective on the Free Software Foundation’s website.