Running an OpenStreetMap cache server in Asia

Speaker(s) : Steven Shiau Ceasar Sun Thomas Tsai

  • Language : Anglais
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Schedule : 15h00
  • Duration : 20 minutes
  • Place : 124

Geographic map information is the required infrastructure to a country. As the ICT technology evolves, the way it is shown is changed to web-based system or App format from cave graffiti and paper map. OpenStreetMap (OSM), a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world, founded in UK in 2004 and became very popular since then and now there are more than 2 million registered users. OSM is licensed under ODbL (Open Database License), a "Share Alike" license agreement intended to allow users to freely share, modify, and use a database while maintaining this same freedom for others. Therefore it gives users and developers the better freedom than that of proprietary map data like Google Maps.
NCHC (National Center for High-Performance Computing, Taiwan) is a non-profit organization in Taiwan. It provides the computing resource and network service to the professors, students, and researchers in Taiwan. Based on a project sponsored by the MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), we have been running an OpenStreetMap cache server for more than 20 Asia countries since 2014. In this talk we will report the way we setup the cache server, the maintenance, and the using status for the Asian OSM users.

Steven Shiau , Ceasar Sun , Thomas Tsai
Steven Shiau is a researcher at the NCHC (National Center for High-performance Computing), Taiwan. While there he wrote parallel and distributed program to simulate plasma. This program formed the basic idea for the future development of the free software DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux), a rapid deployment software for distributed PC cluster and education environment. With Kuo-Lien Huang, Ceasar Sun, Jazz Wang and Thomas Tsai, he developed another free software "Clonezilla", a cloning and imaging tool. He is the project leader of the file system imaging tool “Partclone”, and the maintainer of GParted live. The project DRBL won first place in ’Public Sector Applications’ category at the Free Software Contest in France in 2007. He is the deputy division leader of software development technology division at NCHC now, and spends most of his time in the development of DRBL, Clonezilla and promoting the use of free software, open data and high-performance computing.

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