SSH Tips and Tricks

Speaker(s) : Axel Beckert (Debian)

  • Language : Anglais
  • Level : Confirmed
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Schedule : 09h20
  • Duration : 40 minutes
  • Place : 202

SSH is an essential tool for Unix/Linux/BSD system administrators. But many SSH users only know about basic SSH functionality.

The talk will show beginners and intermediate SSH users what can be done with SSH besides logging into a remote server: Tunnel services, pull triggers, surfing from elsewhere via SOCKS proxy, using SSH keys stored on remote machines, using SSH over flaky or slow connections, etc.

Prerequisites: Having used SSH before. Basic command-line knowledge is advantageous.

Axel Beckert
Axel Beckert studied Computer Science with minor Biology at the University of Saarland. He works as Senior System Administrator at ETH Zurich, is an active Debian Developer and a board member of the Linux User Group Switzerland.

Slides (Zip - 14.4 kb)