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RMLL/LSM — "Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre"/"Libre Software Meeting" — are a series of non-profit lectures, workshop and panels on Libre Sofware, its uses and its cultural environment. They are organized yearly in a friendly atmosphere.

Lectures and workshops are organized simultaneously beetween 2015/07/06 and 2015/07/10.

For this 16th session, selected topics are :

  • Society
  • Management
  • Security
  • Software Development & Information Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Art, Culture and Media
  • Health
  • Science & Learning
  • Free Hardware, Hacking, Making

In order to enable a transverse and multi-disciplinary approch, we suggest underlying thread :

  • Switching to Libre solutions
  • Societal challenges
  • Accessibility


  • Lecture and workshop submission is open till 2015/03/31.


  • You may submit a lecture in English, French or Spanish.
  • In order to reach a wide audience, multi-lingual documents are suggested.


  • Lectures are 20 or 40 minutes long.
  • Workshops duration is to be discussed with organizers


  • you will be provided a projector, power plugs (220V french standard) and an Internet Wifi-Access.

Formatting your submission

You will be asked when submitting a lecture/workshop

  • Its subject , topic
  • Its title , in English and/or French.
  • The targeted audience.
  • An abstract, in English and/or French, scketching its plan and providing an idea of its content.
  • A short résumé, in English and French.


  • Please, provide us the digital material you will use during your lecture.
  • Your material will be made on-line available, to build a communauty interest archive.
  • Of course, your document MUST be provided in an Open format and it’s content licenced with a Libre Licence

Video Recording

  • Unless you disagree, your lecture will be video recorded and shared on the RMLL website.
  • Thank you to explicitly say if you accept this recording.
  • If you agree, indicate us the Libre Licence under which the recorded material will be shared.

Refund of conferencer’s expenses

  • Transportation : as much as possible, speakers assume their transportation costs (or have it assumed by a partner supports). Nevertheless, in special cases and limited by RMLL’s budget, organizers can assume those costs. Beware : Due to limitations, RMLL’s organizers will have to make choices favoring speakers with low ressources and without altenatives.
  • Housing : Housing is not supported. But, traditionnaly, RMLL’s organizers can provide solutions accessibles to all budgets.

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